Who We Are

Jade Urash

Chirps & Cheers

Owner, Wedding Invitation Designer, Pen & Paper Dork

Jade and her husband, Rick, took over ownership of Chirps & Cheers in May 2020. Jade’s passion for pens, cards, planners, stationery, and pretty much all things paper is a perfect fit for this sweet little shop. Jade finds true joy in helping customers find that perfect agenda, gift, or greeting card – chatting favorite pens, or oohing and aahing over the latest wedding invitations we’ve dreamed up. And hearing customers laugh out loud when perusing the extensive card wall makes her day.

  • Handwriting style: precise and small
  • Favorite pen: loves them ALL!
  • Pen color: see above 😛
  • Agenda: constantly trying a new one for "research" 😛

Cara Knipe

Chirps & Cheers

Shop Manager aka Human Swiss Army Knife

Cara joined the team at Chirps & Cheers in June of 2021. Cara’s passion for helping customers and making sure the shop is running at its smoothest has been truly wonderful. She wears a lot of hats around the shop, and she's also the one running our social media like a boss. She has two sweet pups Shelby and Robbie, and loves spending time with them and her hubby David. She loves travelling, is a foodie, and the best dang plant mom out there.

  • Handwriting style: interesting and unique
  • Favorite pen: Anterique Ballpoint Pen
  • Pen color: black
  • Agenda: Elyse Breanne Terracotta


Chirps & Cheers

Shop Dog Extraordinaire

McGee is our ~14 year old shop mutt rescue dog that’s stolen our hearts. She spends her days lazing in her bed at the shop. She loves receiving mail and will write you back if you send her something. She may or may not move when you walk in but if you head her way she’ll likely roll over for a belly rub (her fave!) She’s here most days and loves meeting new friends.