look who just flew into midtown


Say hello to the new bird in the Midtown nest — Chickadee Community. Nestled in our wonderful chirps & cheers studio space is a brand new gem of a business. Our very own shop girl Sami and her superstar partner, Keri Salas, have combined their talents of teaching, love of the written word and the value of harnessing the power of small to cultivate a community of individuals who are eager to learn from and support one another. Through group classes, fun excursions and individual coaching, the dynamic duo are eager to make magic happen. And believe you me, the transformation you will feel after attending one of their book swaps will be nothing short of amazing.

As a mom, friend and a partner to Sami, I couldn’t be more excited about this new venture. As any of you who have been in the shop know, Sami’s zest for life, enthusiasm and happiness is contagious. It gives me nothing but joy to see her expand on the creativity classes that she develops for the shop and spread her wings with Keri to offer even more class offerings in other areas. Who doesn’t want to know Sami’s secret for that permanent smile and joyful heart?

So do yourself a favor and visit the Chickadee Community website, follow their instagram and register for one of their truly spectacular classes  (I suggest starting with the Quintessential Chickadee Bookswap). Start small but get ready to fly with these two extraordinary chickadees.