a new flavor of lifesaver


Hooray! The January 2014 Whitney English Day Designers have arrived in the shop. We are pleased as punch to be one of the few retailers that get to carry these gems because we love the thought and care Whitney put into designing this lifesaving planner. Don’t let the attractive glossy, striped cover fool you. While it is beautiful enough to set on your coffee table, this planner is chocked full of a year of daily and monthly pages as well as a handful of thought provoking pages for goal setting. This planner is a work horse that will keep you on track short term and long term.


 Month at a glance


 Day at a glance


 Just one of the many planning and and goal pages

We have had such great response from our customers who are already using the Day Designer. Here are some of the things they love:

– A daily page that starts at 5 am and runs through 9 pm

– A space for daily gratitude

– Inspirational quotes 

– Opens flat and is extremely durable

– Planning pages are full of valuable information that help you realize your goals and values

WARNING:  What’s new on Wednesday could possibly be gone on Thursday because the Day Designers sell out almost as soon as we get them in. If this looks like it could be your 2014 lifesaver, we suggest you stop in sooner than later.