It’s the time of the week we round up a few stellar cards at the shop and ask you to vote for your favorite. Cast your ballot by commenting on this post and you’ll be entered in our random drawing for a goodie bag of cards.  We’ll post the winner on the last day of the month.

Good Karma by A.favorite design

Bottom of my gold-foiled heart by meant to be sent

Thank you by Letterpress of Tulsa



As a mother, I would like to think my daughter, Sami, picked up certain skills from me, but I must admit her dedication to her calendar and organization are on a level for which I can’t even begin to take credit.  With a chaotic schedule of teaching pilates and barre3, running the shop with me and working at Lululemon, she has a full plate. One, I’m afraid that would give me heartburn. Sami, however, moves through her color-coded day with ease going from turquoise, to orange, to pink, to purple. She never misses a beat…or a color. 

I’m beginning to think I want to live in color too.

Just a thought…for Thursday.


 Celebrate your list making with flags, pennants, bright colors and a great pencil. 


1. “Big Ta-do” list pad

2. Pennant notepad

3. Pennant sticky flags

4. Delphonics mechanical pencil

Although we don’t have online ordering, please call the shop (405.509.6336) if you are interested in any of our products.  We are happy to assist you and can ship our goodies anywhere.



Thumbs up to The Little Book of Lettering. Read about the artists, designers and typesetters who on the cutting edge of lettering and typography.

Those who write…do delight.  


Time to cast a vote for your favorite card of the week.  Once you comment on this post you’ll be entered in our random drawing for a goodie bag of cards.  We’ll chose a winner on the last Saturday of the month.  Increase your odds to win by voting every week.

You are my sunshine by Thimblepress

Friendship bracelet by Printerette Press


It’s time for our weekly card round-up.  

Vote for your favorite and your name will be added to the drawing for a fun grab bag of cards at the end of the month.

1. McBitterson’s “Botox bangs” 

2. Richie Designs “Here’s the story…”





As I write this, there are only 102 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes and 17 seconds until Christmas.

Fun fact Friday.

Stamp by Yellow Owl Workshop and available at the shop



The fun of working with brides is hearing all the different ideas they have about their special day. Some want something grand and elaborate while others want something small and intimate.  Invitations, flowers, dresses, photos, food, cake, and entertainment all play into the celebration.  We’ve seen folders filled with pictures and Pinterest boards chock-full with pins.

Yet, I have never seen what I witnessed yesterday driving down a busy street in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon.

It was a decked-out tractor with a bride and groom sitting in the back.  They were dressed in their wedding finest and looked as happy as can be. While I might have thought it a bit out of the ordinary, they seemed completely at ease. They clearly had a vision which was just perfect for them.  

Dream your day and make it yours.

photo courtesy of Fig2 Design