holidaze to holidays


Merry, jingle cheer…it’s already that time of the year!
Make your list and check it twice
Send a card to all that are nice.
We have ones that are cute, funny or sweet
Something perfect for all that you meet.
If you have a great photo, we have fun designs
But if not, we’ll find something you’ll want to call “mine”
So hurry and scurry and get it done now,
So friends can open their mailbox and exclaim…WOW!
If you have a brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, boss, co-worker, boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher, student, dog-walker, manicurist, babysitter, etc…etc… we have gifts for you. 
Bring your list and we’ll help you choose something oh-so-perfect.  And, we’ll gift wrap it too.